├ ID раунда: 11079
    └ Длительность смены: 1 час и 25 минут и 37.1 секунд

    ├ Система ядерного самоуничтожения: была активирована
    └ Состояние станции: уничтожена системой ядерного самоуничтожения

    ├ За всю смену на станцию прибыло: 11
    ├ Из прибывших погибло: 52 (или 472.7% от прибывших)
    ├ Из прибывших выжило: 0 (или 0% от прибывших)
        └ Из выживших никто не эвакуировался, ни на шаттле, ни на поде, ни любым другим способом.

    ├ Имя: Кзимир Янковский
    ├ Должность: Unassigned
    ├ Локация: Астральный Забив (154,195,1)
    ├ Повреждения: 0/0/0/0/0
    └ Его последние слова: отсутствовали

    └ Текущий режим не динамический.
Информация о кремниевых формах жизни

    └ ИИ отсутствовали в эту смену.

    └ Самостоятельные киборги без связи с ИИ отсутствовали в эту смену.
Украинци Operatives:
Syndicate Major Victory!
Украинци operatives have destroyed Маллайий Курс Три!

The syndicate operatives were:
(Syndicates used 118 TC) [Bulldog Shotgun
8 TC
A fully-loaded semi-automatic drum-fed shotgun. Compatible with all 12g rounds. Designed for close quarter anti-personnel engagements.
[12g Ammo Duffel Bag
12 TC
A duffel bag filled with enough 12g ammo to supply an entire team, at a discounted price.
[Elite Syndicate Hardsuit
8 TC
An upgraded, elite version of the Syndicate hardsuit. It features fireproofing, and also provides the user with superior armor and mobility compared to the standard Syndicate hardsuit.
[Набор с C-20r
14 TC
Старый и верный: классический C-20r, в комплекте с двумя магазинами и глушителем по сниженной цене.
[.45 SMG Magazine
3 TC
An additional 24-round .45 magazine suitable for use with the C-20r submachine gun.
[Thermal Imaging Glasses (50% off!)
2 TC
These goggles can be turned to resemble common eyewear found throughout the station. They allow you to see organisms through walls by capturing the upper portion of the infrared light spectrum, emitted as heat and light by objects. Hotter objects, such as warm bodies, cybernetic organisms and artificial intelligence cores emit more of this light than cooler objects like walls and airlocks. Normally costs 4 TC. All sales final. As seen on TV.
[Energy Dagger
2 TC
A dagger made of energy that looks and functions as a pen when off.
[Shielded Syndicate Hardsuit
30 TC
An upgraded version of the standard Syndicate hardsuit. It features a built-in energy shielding system. The shields can handle up to three impacts within a short duration and will rapidly recharge while not under fire.
[Syndicate Assault Cyborg (87% off!)
8 TC
A cyborg designed and programmed for systematic extermination of non-Syndicate personnel. Comes equipped with a self-resupplying LMG, a grenade launcher, energy sword, emag, pinpointer, flash and crowbar. Normally costs 65 TC. All sales final. 16% sales tax will be charged for orders originating within Space Nebraska.
[Stimpack (40% off!)
3 TC
Stimpacks, the tool of many great heroes, make you nearly immune to stuns and knockdowns for about 5 minutes after injection. Normally costs 5 TC. All sales final. Use only as directed.
[Surplus SMG
2 TC
A horribly outdated automatic weapon. Why would you want to use this?
[Surplus SMG Magazine
1 TC
A cylindrical magazine designed for the PP-95 SMG.
[Syndicate Combat Medic Kit
4 TC
This first aid kit is a suspicious brown and red. Included is a combat stimulant injector for rapid healing, a medical night vision HUD for quick identification of injured personnel, and other supplies helpful for a field medic.
[Syndicate Sentience Potion (25% off!)
3 TC
A potion recovered at great risk by undercover Syndicate operatives and then subsequently modified with Syndicate technology. Using it will make any animal sentient, and bound to serve you, as well as implanting an internal radio for communication and an internal ID card for opening doors. Normally costs 4 TC. All sales final. 16% sales tax will be charged for orders originating within Space Nebraska.
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