├ ID раунда: 11968
    └ Длительность смены: 23 минут и 28.3 секунд

    ├ Система ядерного самоуничтожения: не была активирована
    └ Состояние станции: нетронута

    ├ За всю смену на станцию прибыло: 30
    ├ Из прибывших погибло: 3 (или 10% от прибывших)
    ├ Из прибывших выжило: 28 (или 93.3% от прибывших)
        └ Из выживших никто не эвакуировался, ни на шаттле, ни на поде, ни любым другим способом.

    ├ Имя: Дезмонд Манн
    ├ Должность: Station Engineer
    ├ Локация: Инженерный: Двигатель суперматерии (112,67,2)
    ├ Повреждения: 12/20.7/1.77321/0/0
    └ Его последние слова: отсутствовали

    └ Текущий режим не динамический.
Брюханов Оперативники:
Crew Major Victory
Экипаж станции сохранил диск и остановил оперативников!

Оперативниками были:
(Команда оперативников использовало 87 ТК) [Fate D20
20 TC
[Скрытность Implant
8 TC
This one-of-a-kind implant will make you almost invisible if you play your cards right. On activation, it will conceal you inside a chameleon cardboard box that is only revealed once someone bumps into it.
[Syndicate Jaws of Life
4 TC
Based on a Nanotrasen model, this powerful tool can be used as both a crowbar and a pair of wirecutters. In its crowbar configuration, it can be used to force open airlocks. Very useful for entering the station or its departments.
[Elite Syndicate Hardsuit
8 TC
An upgraded, elite version of the Syndicate hardsuit. It features fireproofing, and also provides the user with superior armor and mobility compared to the standard Syndicate hardsuit.
[12g Dragon's Breath Drum
2 TC
An alternative 8-round dragon's breath magazine for use in the Bulldog shotgun. 'I'm a fire starter, twisted fire starter!'
[Fate D20 (65% off!)
7 TC
Prikol. Normally costs 20 TC. All sales final. Void where prohibited.
[Syndicate Space Suit (25% off!)
3 TC
This red and black Syndicate space suit is less encumbering than Nanotrasen variants, fits inside bags, and has a weapon slot. Nanotrasen crew members are trained to report red space suit sightings, however. Normally costs 4 TC. All sales final. Not responsible for direct, indirect, incidental or consequential damages resulting from any defect, error or failure to perform.
[Bulldog Shotgun (50% off!)
4 TC
A fully-loaded semi-automatic drum-fed shotgun. Compatible with all 12g rounds. Designed for close quarter anti-personnel engagements. Normally costs 8 TC. All sales final. Not recommended for children.
[12g AP Slug Drum (25% off!)
3 TC
Барабанный магазин на 8 патронов, заряженный бронебойными патронами, подходит для дробовика Бульдог Normally costs 4 TC. All sales final. Check local laws for legality in region.
[Syndicate Bomb
11 TC
The Syndicate bomb is a fearsome device capable of massive destruction. It has an adjustable timer, with a minimum of 60 seconds, and can be bolted to the floor with a wrench to prevent movement. The bomb is bulky and cannot be moved; upon ordering this item, a smaller beacon will be transported to you that will teleport the actual bomb to it upon activation. Note that this bomb can be defused, and some crew may attempt to do so. The bomb core can be pried out and manually detonated with other explosives.
[Composition C-4
1 TC
C-4 is plastic explosive of the common variety Composition C. You can use it to breach walls, sabotage equipment, or connect an assembly to it in order to alter the way it detonates. It can be attached to almost all objects and has a modifiable timer with a minimum setting of 10 seconds.
[Microbomb Implant (50% off!)
1 TC
An implant injected into the body, and later activated either manually or automatically upon death. The more implants inside of you, the higher the explosive power. This will permanently destroy your body, however. Normally costs 2 TC. All sales final. Keep away from fire or flames.
5 TC
Stimpacks, the tool of many great heroes, make you nearly immune to stuns and knockdowns for about 5 minutes after injection.
[Syndicate Combat Medic Kit
4 TC
This first aid kit is a suspicious brown and red. Included is a combat stimulant injector for rapid healing, a medical night vision HUD for quick identification of injured personnel, and other supplies helpful for a field medic.
[12g Meteorslug Shells
2 TC
An alternative 8-round meteorslug magazine for use in the Bulldog shotgun. Great for blasting airlocks off their frames and knocking down enemies.
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